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Hello Everyone!

It’s been ages since I’ve posted anything here, so please accept my apologies. But it’s for good reason because 1) I’m grateful to say that I have been very busy and have not had time to post or blog. 2) I have moved the costume studio to Las Vegas, Nevada and I am looking to set up two more satellite studios in Los Angeles and New York! 

So Onward and Upwards! Let’s discuss my recent activities:

Henry VIII

King Henry VIII costume based on a portrait by Holbein.
King Henry VIII costume based on a portrait by Holbein.

God Save The King! A Henry VIII costume based on the portrait by Holbein. The client wore this to the Renaissance Festival so he wanted something that was comfortable, easy to put on and remove, but still looked authentic. Quite a challenge since renaissance garb (especially when worn by the aristocracy) is not exactly known for comfort or practicality.  But with a little bit of creative rigging and ingenuity we were able to pull it off. The results were majestic! 


Spirit Walker

Spirit Walker Costume for Unspeakable Media
Spirit Walker Costume for Unspeakable Media

This scary guy is a Spirit Walker Costume that I created for Unspeakable Media an entertainment and gaming studio streaming on YouTube. I will be dedicating an entire post describing the creation of this costume. 



We all loved that whacky movie about the origins of the fashion victim, Cruella. Especially the Dumpster Dress, here shown. Kristin, my client, was a great person to work with. She donated a lot of her own fabric and clothing so that it could be repurposed for the costume. It also gave me a good opportunity to recycle a lot of my leftover fabric from my scrap bins. 

Kristin in her Cruella Dumpster Costume.
Kristin in her Cruella Dumpster Costume.

Personally, I thought Kristin looked lovely and she did a great job with her hair and makeup too! In fact, Kristin liked her costume so much that she wound up having it heirloomed so that her daughters could wear it in the future.

Detail of Purell Costume bodice. The newsprint fabric was custom ordered.
Detail of Cruella Costume bodice. The newsprint fabric was custom ordered.


Frank the Rabbit

Frank the Rabbit

My friend, Morgan Roberts needed a costume for an upcoming cosplay convention. He asked me to create a costume based on the character “Frank” from the iconic film, “Donnie Darko”.  At the convention, Morgan met James Duval, the actor who played Frank in the film. 

Morgan with James Duval
Morgan with James Duval

According to Morgan, James said “one of the best costumes he had ever seen”!


Moulin Rouge Redux

Front view of Georgette in her costume partying with her friends in Aguascalientes.
Front view of Georgette in her costume partying with her friends in Aguascalientes.

This lovely confection was created for Georgette Fabré, a Mexican socialite who resides here in the US. Every year she attends a very posh, theme based Halloween party in Aguascalientes, Mexico. This years theme was “Moulin Rouge” and Georgette went all out with a gown inspired by the character “Satine” from the aforementioned film. I selected a rich burgundy palette that flattered Georgette’s lustrous brunette locks and flawless complexion. 

Detail of Georgette's hat
Detail of Georgette’s hat

The costume caused a sensation at the party and garnered her the first prize at the costume contest. Her award being an all expense paid trip to Paris for she and her husband. Congratulations, Georgette! You looked beautiful.

Detail of Georgette's train.
Detail of Georgette’s train.


“The Crüe Part Deux”

Just when you thought it was safe to turn to the clubs. Right smack dab in the midst of the pandemic, I was contacted by my favorite Metal Heads with a request to recreate the “Theater of Pain” costumes for two of their performers. You may recall that a year earlier I had created their “Shout at the Devil” costumes to much success and accolades. You can read about this adventure by clicking here

Mick März wants YOU! For his Motley Army.

Recreating this one was quite the challenge since the original costume used very 80’s specific fabric. But we came close in our selection and the results were spectacular with just the right amount of bling. 

Nikki Sixx costume from the "Theater of Pain" era.
Jump for Joy! Nikki Sixx costume from the “Theater of Pain” era.

Here was another challenge, due to the supply chain issues that were so typical of the pandemic, we had a long wait for this one. But the results were stunning if I may say so myself and I love how the guitar matched the rest of his outfit.


JLo & Travolta!

Yes, they’ve secretly been an item all this time, NOT! This was for a fundraiser in which the partygoers were encouraged to dress as their favorite stars. 

jLo & Travolta
JLo & Travolta!

Another interesting project, in particular the building of the JLo costume. The goal was to make the dress as modest as possible but still preserving the spirit of the original design worn by Jennifer Lopez.


Lysol and Purell

Now here’s a set of very pandemic specific themed costumes, meet “Lysol & Purell”. These were Halloween costumes for two little girls who were sadly in quarantine  but thankfully their parents still wanted them to enjoy a nice holiday.

Lysol and Purell Halloween Costumes for two little girls.
Lysol and Purell Halloween Costumes for two little girls.

The costumes were created with a foam and wire foundation then covered with fabric. This lightweight confection slips easily over the head  and there are cutouts for the face and arms for easy wearing and mobility.


Fairy Queen

Fairy Queen Costume inspired by Froud's Fairies.
Fairy Queen Costume inspired by Froud’s Fairies.

Here’s a whimsical little number inspired by Froud’s Fairies. Corset with ombré chiffon fabric skirt and embellished with butterflies. The wings were sculpted with wire, covered with stretch chiffon then handprinted and studded with jewels. Her fairy crown is made from a beaded band base and covered with gold leaves. 


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